Online language learning program ANGLO LINGUIST

Online language learning is becoming an important part of every English languafe student. That's why we have developed and tested a year-round online programme which is designed to extend and enhance the English language learning online.

Anglolinguist programmes are based around relevant, interesting
and engaging topics which are presented by videos featuring British culture and life in the UK.

AngloLinguist is designed to enhance the language learning experience for learners. The solution is to provide an online language programme which is designed to:
- Challenge students in their English language learning
- Engage students with relevant and contemporary topics
- Motivate students in a competitive online environment
- Use the latest technology to enhance your study
- Connect with students all around the world

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 You can  choose:

36 weeks programme - 50 EUR

24 weeks programme - 42 EUR

12 weeks  programme - 22 EUR

The programme is made up of 36 study weeks spread across the academic year and each study week includes:
1. Topic video featuring British culture and life in the UK or a British song
2. Interactive listening exercise to test comprehension of the video or song
3. Grammar exercise automatically marked and results recorded
4. Reading exercise automatically marked and results recorded
5. Student scoreboard to monitor progress and compare results with other students
6. Forum to chat in English with thousands of other EFL students

It can be used not only individually, but also in schools, colleges and universities. Teachers may choose to use the programme in class or perhaps for the students to use as homework. Ultimately, the programme is designed to complement the existing English language tuition in the school.

You can also choose to do not only the 36 week programme (Eur 50), but also 24 (Eur 42) or 12 (Eur 22) week programmes. So you can start studying at any time.

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For Teachers:
• Extra teaching tool - Teachers at schools with a focus on English language learning are always looking for extra tools to extend their English programmes.
• Interactive learning - AngloLinguist enables students to complete exercises online that are automatically marked with the corrections given and the results recorded on the scoreboard.
• Complete control - the dedicated Teachers' Area allows teachers to view all of the learning materials included in the programme and closely the monitor the progress their students are making.

For Students:
Bitesize learning - at AngloLinguist, we know that when it comes to online learning, students like to study little and often. AngloLinguist gives students a range of exercises throughout each week of the programme to keep them engaged with their English language learning.
Competition - young students are motivated by healthy competition. So, AngloLinguist records the score each student achieves on each exercise enabling them to follow their progress and compete with thousands of other EFL students all around the world.
Social networking - facebook, twitter and other platforms capture the attention of young people using the internet. We want these young people to also use social networking to improve their English skills which is why AngloLinguist includes a forum with a wide range of English discussions for students to contribute to.